Music Therapy: We’ve Got the Beat!

Aileen Voyles, MT-BC is our Music Therapist. Originally from Fort Collins she moved to California and returned to Denver. She is a graduate of Colorado State University’s Music Therapist program which focuses on neurologic elements and how music affects the brain and disorders. Aileen has a wide experience working on an oncology unit, behavioral unit, residential treatment for children, and private clients.

In 2010 Aileen started as an Activity Director and stayed in this profession for four years. She continued to use her nursing home experience, creative passion, and training in music to grow her private practice. She now works full-time as a Music Therapist. In 2017 Aileen began contracting with Woodridge Terrace. Her focus has been on our Sterling Neighborhood. Sterling has approximately 22-25 residents who are of range in age but all have dementia in some form. There are seven types of dementia. She focuses on cognitive needs, respiratory, upper and lower body extremities, and acute conditions. By facilitating a small group session Aileen developed she is able to collect data, document response, and monitor benefits. Each session can be reviewed, assessed, and adapted to the groups changing needs.

Aileen is also adding a second component this November. She will be facilitating a therapeutic 1:1 visit with those residents who may benefit from this type of therapies or simply wants more music in their in life. Each session is constructed to fit his or her needs and goals. For example, Aileen may have a session with “Ruby” to work on her recent diagnosis of aphasia by using the piano. Aileen may work with “Jake” who is a jazz saxophone player who has suffered a stroke and wants to continue to play.

We would like to recognize Aileen for her continuous work in the arts and Music Therapy at Woodridge Terrace. Please say hello to her Oct 22nd, Nov 18th, and Dec 16th. Woodridge Terrace’s Activity Department also offers regularly scheduled music groups including sing-a-longs with sheet music and lyrics, music trivia, Name that Tune!, Rhythm Band (instruments offered), and Karaoke on Saturday evenings after dinner! If you have ideas to expand our music program please call. We have a piano in the lobby!

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