Success Stories

success story - roseann sancez in rehabilitationRoseann S. is a 74-year-old female who was admitted to the facility with complications from ovarian cancer. Roseann required assistance with the majority of her activities of daily living, from dressing, bed mobility, and activity tolerance to bathing and functional mobility. With the help of both physical therapy and occupational therapy services, Roseann overcame her challenges and reduced the level of assistance she initially required. She was able to successfully showcase all of her gains in her final home assessment, moving about through her home with modified independence with a variety of tasks ranging from accessing the tub, reaching for items in the cupboard, demonstrating laundry tasks and preparing a simple meal. Way to go Roseann, we wish you success at home.  You truly rocked rehab!!!

sucess story - woman smiling at the cameraMrs. C. is a 85-year-old female who was admitted for complications of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and a compression fracture resulting from a fall. Upon her admission, she demonstrated decreased strength, functional mobility, transfers, and activity tolerance. She required moderate assistance with most daily tasks, from her toileting needs to getting out of bed, getting ready in the morning to transferring to her wheelchair. Mrs. C. participated in both physical therapy and occupational therapy five times weekly to increase her overall level of independence, strength and activity tolerance. She is now able to self-transfer out of her bed, complete tasks such as toileting, hygiene and grooming, and she is more mobile throughout the community. Great job Mrs. C. Keep up with the good work.

success story - robert priceMr. Robert P. is a 69-year-old male admitted to the facility with complications due to a femur fracture. Upon admission, Mr. P. was not able to bear any weight, and had difficulty with getting in and out of bed and into wheelchair. He required minimal to moderate assistance with most tasks. Mr. P. received therapy service for about 45 days and participated in both occupational and physical therapy. He has made tremendous gains and has worked diligently to make certain his personal goals were continuously met. Mr. P. has modified independence with his daily tasks and ventures out to the surrounding community independently. He is eager to tackle his next challenge when he returns home. Great job, Mr. P.!